Food for thought?

Have you ever stopped while eating and actually thought about what you are shoveling in to the hole in your face? No seriously.. Food is a powerful things. Really, it is. It can make you happy, like when a family member brings over your favorite desert to the party. It can make you sick, under cooked, eat too much of a good thing or what not. It can bring back memories from just the smell, texture or taste. But food has another component of how it can fuck with your noggin. It has chemicals, fillers, biproducts. Sugar… It’s a nasty thing. I mean its really fucking good and does great things to a lot of the good we love. But think about this: it is literally in everything you eat. Go to the store for some deli meat, not just the pre-packaged either, like the kind you pick up at jewel has butt loads of sugar and not just one kind. They say it’s so it lasts longer, preservatives. But that shit it so bad for you, does horrible things to your noggin, the thing you’re supposed to use on a daily bases.. ( we all know that one person that uses it like once a week though.. dumb dumbs. I work with many of those lovely people.) There have been scientific studies done on rats. They took one rat and gave it cocaine. They took another and just fed it sugar. The rat that was given the sugar had worst withdraws and addiction signs than the rat with with cocaine.. Sick right? They also have done brain scans on people that do Paleo diets compared to those who eat normal food. It a cray difference. It is said that food can also hinder people with mental disorders. The chemicals in our food can cause anxiety disorders and certain forms of depression (especially with those who tend to emotionally eat or binge eat)

The studies that have been done on what food does to ones brain is quite interesting. I will post more about this later.

I don’t normally eat out, at least I try not to. Normally I’m that  girl you see standing in the isles reading all the labels. I can’t kick every bad horrible chemical that they put in food out of my what i eat because with some things, it is nearly impossible. But i can eat clean, work out (sweat those toxins out) and drink lots and lots of water to detox my body. I drink around 130 ounces of water in a day. I pee almost every hour lol But it is one way that i can hep myself keep my brain healthy.


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