Jail time….

Well this has been a hell of a fucking week already and it’s only THURSDAY!

Mood swings? Check

Moron employees? Check

Brother sitting in a jail cell? Check

Anxiety like a mother fucker? Damn skippy check!

Anger coursing through me like a speeding freight train? OH yeah.

Since I woke up Monday morning, I had this feeling, this tightness in my chest like something really bad was going to happen. And guess what? Two days after that, it did. My brother got arrested Wednesday morning. He went in on his own for questioning, after four hours they decided that they didn’t believe him or his story due to prior history and said he’s under arrest and needs to call his lawyer.

I’m in between feelings. I believe my brother was not involved in this shit storm but at the same time I really don’t know. I really don’t even know if I should be writing about it.

I wan to break things. I want to hit people. I want to lash out. I want to cry, Hades knows I’ve been doing a lot of that. They set his bond so high… It hurts to think that he might be going o prison for something i want to believe he wasn’t involved in. And then people, who say they are friends or care started tagging me on facebook with pictures of my brothers mug shot, it was bad enough that it was on tv and online news channels. It’s bad enough that I had to hear it from my mom and dad. But then I have friends bringing it to my attention like it’s funny, like it’s a goddamn joke. Ya know the funny thing about other people that know me and want to run my brothers name threw the mud? I know all their dirty secrets and I could care less about every singe one of them and air out all their dirty laundry without a second thought. I could ruin their lives. That made them change their tones about him and me real fast. That made them take it all down. I’m not someone who doesn’t stand up for family, whether they are right or wrong. My family will always come first.

Because in the end, they are all you have left when everyone else leaves you.


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