Young, hopeless, restless for a cure. A cure that will never come. This pleasant little blog is about my frustrations of my mental illness. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder (for those that think you know what that’s because you watched an episode on t.v. about a character with it, I suggest you get off your ass and do some real research because the great and powerful media has made what I am so gracefully drowning in something that it absolutely is not. Please educate yourself in it, it’s better to be educated then ignorant), anxiety (which is great, really. Fun thing to deal with) and the lovely bipolar disorder. Genetics at their finest. I also inherited the sarcasm and asshole tone that you might have read in this. I am being very serious but sarcasm and being a bitch get me through my day to day bullshit, I’m sure you can understand that.

This wonderful piece of work will be me blogging about my research of my hand at life, blogging about day to day stuff, sometimes pictures of my art, poems or whatever I choose to share. I’m a very sharing person and I don’t leave much out.

This is not just for peoples entertainment, I want people that are going through the same illness as me to understand that they are not alone. It took me a really long fucking to realize that and really get it through my head. It also took a really long time for me to get a correct diagnosis for what is going on in my noggin. About 6 years to be exact. And that is 6 years of being medicated wrong, mood swings, walking on egg shells, suicide attempts and self harm. Shitty therapy and things that did not help. Now that I am hopefully on he right track, I want to share those things and possibly help others get on that right track while doing it in my quirky assholish sarcastic way lol


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